Friday, March 06, 2009

Random photos

Grandma Taylor and Jessica hangin' out in the new craft room. Jessie has her own corner for her Barbie castle. What fun! Also, notice the necklace that Grandma is wearing? Jessica made it for her! Jess sure loves her grandparents.

Brandon having a nap. He really was asleep! Don't worry, I woke him up and made him turn over... that is after Austin and I had a good laugh.

Charlie enjoying the sunshine coming in from the bay window in the craft room. Who says cats don't like birds? Charlie is cuddling with one in this picture - just look at his tail!

Charlie, are you all nice and warm laying on the heating pad?

Too bad it's not even plugged in!

Notice how Charlie matches the blue heating pad. He is such a pretty color - Russian Blue. Too bad he's not very smart. LOL

I hope you enjoyed these random pictures. I'll be back soon to post more!


Anonymous said...

Nice pics. :-)

eviledna said...

Hello Nancy,
I can't get over how much Jessie and her Grandma look so alike! And as for Brandon LOL, my son can sleep in the most unlikely positions and places too. Even though teenagers may look different, and have different personalities they've all got the same horrible habits. Do you step into his room and fear for your health and safety? I don't go into Alex's unless it's ABSOLUTLEY nessesary :o)
And your Charlie is such a handsome little devil. Thank you for sharing your lovely photo's, I love it when you do.
Take care & keep smiling
Ann x

Rene said...

Nancy, I have that same exact couch! My sister gave me the set recently while my things are still in storage.

Jenny said...



Thinking of you!