Friday, March 06, 2009

Snow on Justen's Birthday: 2-10-09

Justen went out to play in the snow at 2:am on his 23rd birthday! It rarely snows here so it was a real treat!

Here's another picture of him in the snow. I can't believe my baby is this old! Although he has quite a bad case of dandruff. LOL

Graffiti on my car in the snow! I wonder who did it?

The snow stuck to the ground for a little while but it was gone by noon.

Jess really wanted to go out into the snow but I'm a mean Mom and wouldn't let her. It was late and I really wanted to get her to bed... not out in the snow and cold!

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eviledna said...

I've only just found these photo's!!! That stupid Blog roll thingy on my blog is missing a load of posts off, hmmph, I only found this post 'cos I went into the dashboard. Oh well, a happy belated birthday to your baby boy. Good job we don't give birth to them that big, LOL, makes your toes curl just thinking about it.
Take care & keep smiling
Ann x