Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter - my thoughts today

I am so thankful for this day - a day to remember that not only did Christ die on the cross for us, but that he gave us the gift of resurrection. One day my daughter will have a body that will not fail her. She will run and play and dance to her heart's content. She won't need oxygen or even glasses (but she says she may want to wear glasses just to look pretty! lol). Of course I can't help but think of my dear nephew, Marcus, too. Jessica dreams of him every night and misses him so much. She is longing to spend time with him and be free of her daily pains.... but she still loves life and her family. We spent time with our Jensen grandparents last night and it was wonderful having them here. I'll post more about that later - including a few pictures.

The following is a wonderful slide show called Reflections of Christ. I felt it was perfect for this day: Easter. The promise of new life. I love this day.

May you find comfort and peace in the message Christ brings. I sure do.


Karen said...

That's beautiful, thanks sis! LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!

Awesome Mom said...

Happy Easter! The resurrection and atonement of Jesus is what really got me through the shock of finding out about Evan's heart defect. I knew that even if he did not live long in this life that there would be another one in which he did not have his physical limitations.

Mama Bear June said...

He is risen indeed!

Hope you are getting some rest. I know the "humor" in focusing on poop. We were all celebrating when Mom was able to go after we thought she had a bowel obstruction. Sending hugs and prayers your way.