Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Marcus update 10-03-06 at 10:30PM

I was able to talk to my sister this evening. Marcus came out of surgery after about 5 hours. He is extubated and doing pretty well. He is responding to them but they will know more when he wakes up tomorrow. The results of the biopsy will be in by Friday but the doctors are quite sure it IS cancer. My sister and her husband are able to stay at the hospital so that is good. Tomorrow evening my brother-in-law is going to pick up his sister at the airport and take her home. She has offered to stay at their house and take care of the younger boys. What a sweetheart she is!

We are amazed at how quickly the doctors got Marcus into the hospital and into surgery! Two doctors have said that it is very agressive tumor so that makes us nervous, but they think they got it all. Of course we are praying for a full recovery and that the tumor doesn't return or show up someplace else.... One day at a time.... that's how we will beat this thing.

Thank you all for so many emails of support and prayers. I told my sister about them and she is very touched. She is going to tell Marcus tomorrow when he wakes up more. It's so wonderful to have so many people who care.

I will update here as I can.


Anonymous said...

We're all rooting and hanging for Marcus (as well as the rest of you!) here. There's not much else we can do except be here for you.

Hang in there darlin.

-Dan & Jo

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that Marcus is out of surgery and doing as well as to be expected... Praying hard...

~Tammy, Proud Mom to:
Zoƫ (Forever 5) and Zurik (22 months old)

Anonymous said...

Hey Darlin :)

Any news on Marcus? I'm hoping it's a "No News = Good News" situation ;)

Nancy said...

Thanks Dan,
I'm actually waiting on a phone call to update my blog. Today is the day we find out whether it is cancer or not. The oncologist spoke with them yesterday and he was trying to prepare the family for the worst. The doctor thinks it's probably a type of cancer that's really hard to get rid of - but he can't officially diagnose him and start a treatment plan until today.

The good news is: Marcus is recovering from surgery VERY well! I called to talk to him last night and he had a bunch of friends visiting him. Marcus was even eating PIZZA! Looks like he can probably go home tomorrow! Thanks for your concern. We really appreciate it.

Mary said...


I'v been in FL on vacation and just saw your posts about Marcus. We will pray for Marcus as well as the rest of the family. Our God is faithful!

Love & Prayers,