Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Update on my nephew

It is now 12:15pm (AZ time) and Marcus just went into surgery. It was decided last night that he should go in right away. He had another MRI early this morning and just now went into surgery. They will remove the tumor and then do a biopsy.

I got to talk to Marcus last night. He seemed to be handling everything pretty well. He also talked to Jessica. She told him that she knows how he feels. Then she reminded him of just a few months ago when she was in the hospital, Marcus came to our hospital to visit her. It just happened that my sister and her family were in town for 2 days while Jess was in the hospital so they went to visit her there. I also got to talk to my sister and she was doing ok. Fortunately a family that they know from church was able to take the other 3 boys to their home and are taking good care of them. I believe that my brother-in-law's sister is going to fly over there to help them out. I was told that the surgery could take anywhere between 2 - 6 hours.

Thank you for your continued love and support.

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