Monday, October 30, 2006

Updates on Marcus and Jessica

First of all, Marcus is doing well. He is getting tired but handling the treatments quite well. I spoke with him tonight and he is not looking forward to the long drives this coming week (going to Salt Lake for radiation treatments and back - 1 1/2 hours each way - DAILY) but he has a great attitude. It was really cute to listen to Jessica talk to him on the phone. They were talking about their Nintendo DS games, etc and Jessica told him, "you get lots of cool things when you are sick!" I guess she was telling him a grand insider's secret. hehe... he agreed! I told my sister about their conversation and she laughed... and she agreed too. We also agree that if the sick kids don't deserve lots of cool gifts - then nobody does. We are proud of our brave kids.

Jessica is having a lot of tummy pain. I called the GI doctor on Thursday and we were told that he has done everything he can do and the next step is to do the endoscopy. I have not told Jess that yet. I told the GI doctor that we will talk with the Peds Cardiologist before we schedule that procedure. Karl and I were also thinking that if we can keep her pain under control by having her eat every little while and not letting her tummy get empty, then maybe we could put off doing the endoscopy... but that's not going to work. Tonight Jessica was crying in pain and even asking if she should go to the hospital. :*( She tried eating and couldn't eat much. Finally after an extra dose of morphine, some lorazapam and a father's blessing, she was able to eat a banana and relax and go to sleep.

Here is a picture of Jessica and Marcus in 2004. The story behind the picture: In October of 2004 Jessica had a Celebration of Life party at the "Z" mansion. Jessica was in a hospice program and wasn't expected to survive much longer. The Russells and other family members came to spend time with Jessica. She was so happy to see everyone. Good news is that her health improved and she is still here fighting every step of the way! She tells Marcus, regarding medical stuff, "If I can do it - YOU can do it!" She also tells everyone to NEVER GIVE UP.


Tammy said...

I am very glad to hear that Marcus is doing well and I hope that Jessica's tummy pain gets better... Keeping both Jessica and Marcus in my thoughts and prayers ~

~Tammy, Proud Mom to ^j^ Zoe and Zurik

jenny said...

Surrrre, Nancy, like we are ever supposed to believe that whole "she wasn't expected to survive much longer" story from you. I suspect that Miss Jess just goes on beating everyone's expectations, no matter what. :)

Wonder where she gets that figher attitude...hmmm....