Saturday, October 07, 2006

Update on my nephew, Marcus

First I want to thank you all for your kind emails and loving support. It has been so hard for me to be so far away from my sister and her family during this difficult time for them. I have told them about all of your prayers and emails and they are touched. I'm sending their gratitude as well.

Now for the update:
The news is not good. Marcus has annaplastic astrocytoma stage 3 cancer. The chance of surviving 5 years is only 20% - 30%. Marcus will have chemotherapy and radiation 5 days a week for at least 6 weeks. He will also have daily MRI's and bloodwork done. They expect he will need blood transfusions periodically so they are prepared for that. My sister and Marcus will have to drive to Salt Lake City and back daily (over an hour drive one way) or stay somewhere over night. They will be working out the details next week. I'm sure that after the initial 6 weeks they will evaluate his progress and decide what the next step will be.

So that's the bad news... which was even worse than we had expected. BUT, Marcus is otherwise healthy and strong. He bounced back from his surgery SO WELL! The doctors are all saying that is a great sign. He has a great attitude and is ready fight this thing! He told Jessica that she helped him to be brave. Jessica told him, "If I can do it, you can do it!" :) Marcus is headed home today just 4 days after brain surgery. AMAZING. Another positive thing is that he has the same 'stubborn genes' that Jessica does. (of course neither my sister nor I are stubborn... hehe)

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers. If any of you want to send me an email to pass on to them, I'll be happy to do so. I also appreciate your continued support. My email address is

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Tammy said...

I am so glad to hear that Marcus has an awesome attitude and is ready to fight. From what I have found is "You can't change what you are handed, but can chose how you deal with it". And the right attitude is really wining half the battle! And home after ONLY 4 days!! Wow ~ that is truly amazing... Sending prayers and good thoughts Marcus' way....

~Tammy, Proud Mom to ^j^ Zoe and Zurik