Saturday, February 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Justen

Today is my oldest son's birthday. Justen was born 21 years ago. My first questions is, how the heck did he get so old??? I have stayed the same age! ( hehe... I wish!) But seriously, he is a man now. A MAN! Karl and I were teasing him that he was old enough to buy a gun and go to a bar. Austin (who is 11yrs old) suggested that he shoot the beer cans since we don't drink alcohol. Justen just looked at us like we were crazy. He has no interest in drinking (or buying a gun for that matter.)

The following are some pictures of him through the years. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that he was my little baby and other times it seems like a lifetime ago.

This a the smile that Karl and I called his "grandpa grin". Doesn't he look like an old man who took out his dentures? hehe.. TOO CUTE!Can you believe that we used to be a young family? Justen liked to have his hair spiked when he was that age. I guess he wanted to look like his daddy. We were visiting the Jensen grandparents home in this picture.

This is Justen's 1st grade picture. He really enjoyed 1st grade. He still says that his 1st Grade teacher, Mr. Steele, was one of the best teachers he's ever had. Mr. Steele says that Justen was so refreshing to have in his class. He was uninhibited and would laugh out loud at anything that tickled his funny bone. We were lucky that both of our other sons were able to have Mr. Steele as their 1st grade teacher too.

This picture was taken several years later - I don't have a picture in between these two that I have scanned onto the computer - tons printed, just not scanned. Anyway, this is a nice picture of all 4 kids. Justen, Brandon (in back), Jessica and Austin (in front)

This picture was taken in 2004. It's been harder to get pictures of Justen since he became so busy with school, work and other activities but I got one! Here he is reading.

This is a picture of Justen after I shaved his head in honor of his cousin, Marcus, who has a brain tumor. It only looks like Justen has longer hair because his hair is so thick! lol! It was nice of him to honor his cousin in that way.
Justen is working at FRY's food and drug store. He was going to school but decided to take a break for now. He is also fulfilling a service mission. Every Wednesday early morning he goes to help out at the church cannery. He is also taking a class at our church Institute. He is serving as counselor in the Sunday School in the Institute Ward he attends. I couldn't be more proud of my oldest son and of course I couldn't love him more.

Happy Birthday Son.


Terri said...

That's so nice Nancy!
You are a proud MOM!!
They grow so fast, huh! Sad....

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