Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Update on my Nephew, Marcus

We got some good news today! If you'll remember, the last MRI showed an area of cancer growth right where the tumor was removed.

Here is what my sister wrote on Marcus's carepage ( name: MarcusRussell - no spaces)

GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS! We just got back from the Dr. visit and everything looks great. Marcus had an MRI and the "protrusion" that was there has shrunk! It looks so much better and everyone is very happy with the results. That means that Marcus will start his maintenance chemo tonight as scheduled. He will be taking 140 mg of CCNU (a chemo) for one day and 255 mg of Temozolomide (temodar) a day for 5 days. He will also be taking keflex (an antibiotic), zofran (for his nausea) and megese (for his appetite). The next few days won't be a lot of fun, but its short-term and its WORKING!
Marcus is still doing drumline and enjoying every minute of it. He had his first performance last Saturday and did really well. Its so great to see him doing what he loves. His grades are up and he is working hard at his schoolwork.
Last Saturday he was given tickets for the Utah State Aggies men's basketball game, in addition, he was given a floor pass as well. He went an hour early and met the team, had a tour of the locker-room, and shot-around with them as they warmed up for the game. They gave him and his Dad each T-shirts that aren't sold anywhere and gave Marcus a game ball with signatures of the whole team plus "well wishes Marcus" written on it. He was able to sit right behind the bench during the game with his Dad while the rest of us had seats a few rows back. It was a great time. I am sure it is something he will never forget. Thanks to the Beckerts (our fellow desert-rats) for setting it all up for us.
We are so Happy with the results of his MRI and feel so blessed that everything is going so well. Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers, without them, I don't know where we would be.


If you would like to read more about Marcus, feel free to visit his carepage or click on his name under the "labels" in the sidebar to the left of this blog. He is an amazing young man and I'm proud to be his aunt. His parents and brothers are awesome too. I, too, and thankful for all your prayers. They are really helping.


jenny said...

Wonderful news, Nancy! :)

Terri said...

So happy for you all.

GoofyJ said...

Wonderful news Nancy, I am so happy for all of you