Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's Thursday--Go Harass Your Fellow Blogger!

It's Thursday--Go Harass Your Fellow Blogger!

I totally cased and stole this idea from Jennyhaha's flaw and disorder formerly known as Girl in Her Underwear and then Girl Exposed. Jenny's daughter, Lindley, is going to an important pediatric cardiology appointment tomorrow to determine when she will need to have her heart surgery. On top of Lindley having a newly diagnosed heart condition, the family realized that the insurance they purchased was bogus and are now frantically trying to find a way to pay for such a surgery. Lindley is an adorable little 2 year old angel who never does anything wrong with her saintly twin sister. You HAVE to go to Jennyhaha's blog and scroll down to see a picture of Lindley and send some prayers her way.

Now back to the Go Harass Your Fellow Blogger: Here's what Jenny wrote:

It's a little known fact that Thursdays are also "Harass Your Fellow Blogger" day. This is how it works, and I think everyone should do it....unless you're one of the cool people who is already doing it! There are a LOT of cool people already doing it!

You go to somebody's doesn't matter if you've visited there before or not...and in their comment section you say, "I don't believe you."

That's all! You could elaborate if you wanted to. It's completely up to you, and it doesn't matter if you believe them or not. You still tell them you don't believe them.

Then you come back to me and tell me if you did it.

I may even go to that person's site and add, "I don't believe you either."

I have already harassed 5 blogs today and it's quite fun! So go ahead and don't believe me! Pass it on! Go to Jennyhaha's blog and don't believe her either! It'll cheer her up.


Flawed & Disorderly said...

You are making me laugh sooooooooooooooo hard! Every where I turn, there's a Nancy comment, and they're cracking me up!!! I can't believe you put this on your blog! I'm rolling with laughter! You're hilarious! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And I so appreciate you getting the request out for prayers. I've been to Terri's site...there's a drama unfolding there...but who else should I harass behind you? I would like to tell them I don't believe them either. Ha ha!

Nancy said...

I will have to go check out Terri's blog. Well, it's actually Matthew's blog but I wonder who will get the most attention over there today. :-P

Let me try to remember who I've harassed so far... Jeanne:
Actually, I guess I told Dan that I don't believe him on Jeanne's blog. But I just left another message that I don't believe her either.
Jenny's thoughts:
and some of the other gals I stalked from your blog. hehe... Oh the mayhem you have caused!

Terri said...

I don't believe you!

Nicole said...

I don't believe you either!!!

I love Jenny Ha Ha! She is hysterical!!

GoofyJ said...

Hi Nancy, I found your blog through Terri and a bunch of others now, the I don't believe you thing started it all. :)

I want to say I am so touched by Jessica's story and as I read I had to read more and more. What an amazing girl you have, and what an amazing family. We are LDS too, and our son was born with a CHD which he had surgery for at 14 days old. There is a link to Jacob's story in my side bar, feel free to stop by to read it, I'd love to come by and read your blog more often, and link to it in my heart section if that would be ok with you. Your family is in our prayers.


Terri said...

Yes, re: Matthew's blog...
I did have a couple people "bugged" because there was playing around in the comment section ... hence all the deletions.

I have been instructed to "get my own blog" if I want to goof around and be silly .... that Matthew's blog isn't the place for it ....
you know, all the talk of asparagus and pee and believing people.

So.... I'm lying low for a while.

Nancy said...

Oh man! Terri, what have I been telling you? YOU NEED YOUR OWN BLOG! hehe.. don't hide... just make your own blog, all about Terri and we can be as silly as we want. ;-) Heaven only knows how badly we need to be silly with all we go through, right?


Flawed & Disorderly said...

I'm in the midst of writing a blog referencing your wondermous participation in National I Don't Believe You Day! I totally forgot to go harass all those people behind you!!! ACK! I would have had so much fun!

Nancy said...

So Harrass Your Local Blogger doesn't come around EVERY Thursday? How about MONTHLY?

It was fun and I sure needed it! I'll be checking your blog today. So glad that Lin's echo was good news!

Awesome Mom said...

I don't believe you!!! (I know it is Saturday now but better late than never)