Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rough Day

Jessica had a rough day today, she woke up early and then couldn't get back to sleep. I was finally able to get her to go back to sleep after a few hours (threats of grounding her from her games can work sometimes) but she didn't sleep long enough. She was blue and emotional all day and evening. Our "Tu Nidito" support group meeting was scheduled for tonight and we weren't able to go. She cried and was so upset but I knew that if I took her out she would be very, very sick. We haven't been able to attend "Tu Nidito" in awhile because she hasn't felt well enough to go.

Tonight she was telling me that her socks were making her feet itchy so I helped her change them. Her feet are puffy. Definite signs of congestive heart failure. UGH!
[insert cuss-word here] I realized that in all the commotion this morning of her getting up, then not staying in bed, crying, etc, then finally sleeping and getting up at a weird hour... I had forgotten her morning diuretics. I don't think that one missed dose would cause her feet to be swollen. Thankfully they aren't as puffy as they were last year in June when she was hospitalized for congestive heart failure, but I'm definitely not comfortable with it. I'm calling the PC in the morning. *huge sigh*

Prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy,
I just saw your post in CHD Families and wanted you to know Jess is in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Saw your post from TCHIN and popped by to say we are praying (we always are, but specifically about the challenges you are facing). Sending hugs

Ruth said...

Prayers and hugs heading your way.

chelle said...

Hugs ... so hoping since I am behind in reading that all is well and wonderful by now :)

yerdoingitwrong said...

Sending you an E-Hug, darlin. Prayers and good thoughts are most definitely headed your way.

Take Care!!

Lisa said...

I will be saying a big prayer for you.