Friday, April 20, 2007

Wow, What a Day!

First of all, Jessica and I went for haircuts. We have been trying to find a time for us both to get nice, cool summer cuts. I have been growing my hair long for quite a few years now and I finally made up my mind to get it cut off. Short! I had 10 inches taken off and am donating it to Locks of Love. I am doing so in honor of my nephew, Marcus, who is battling brain cancer (who is doing very well right now, by the way). Anyway... my friend, Keri, has donated her hair 3 times to Locks of Love in the last few years and I have been there with her the last 2 times. Keri and her family are moving out of state next week (*wahhh!!*) and so we went today so she could be there with me when I have my hair whacked off (*gulp*!). She brought her youngest son, Tyler, with her and had a hair cut too. We took turns babysitting - there's a picture of Tyler later on in this post.

Here are the pictures!

The day before... ok, I'm trying hard to be cute and not show how nervous I am to have my hair cut off. It's long, thick and of course HOT! (not HOT hot, but hot... well, Karl thinks it's Hot)

Today at the salon right before the big SNIP!

This is my friend, Lisa, who happens to work at the salon. She is about to cut off my hair.

This is my "after" picture. It's not quite true to how cute the cut is... we took this picture tonight right before Karl and the kids went to bed. I was (still am) tired and my hair was kind of tired too. hehe... The lighting isn't that great either, but meh....

Here is the back. All that curl is NATURAL!! Now don't you just want to go jump off a cliff out of jealousy? hehe... What's funny is that the front of my hair... the bangs and sides... are pretty straight but the back is really curly. Go figure!

Here is Miss Jess during her haircut. See how long her bangs were?

This is how much she got cut off the back. Not long enough to donate, but she really needed it cut - she was really hot and got tired of having it put up in pony tails all the time.

Isn't she gorgeous?!

Here are Jessica and Tyler petting a dog that came into the salon with her owners. There is a story behind this sweet dog. Her name is Chemo. I asked the older gentleman (who came into the salon with his wife) if there was a reason her name was Chemo. He said yes. He motioned to his wife and said, "She had Chemo. I turned it down and bought her (motioning to the dog) instead. SHE (the dog) is my therapy. I could see so much emotion and love between the two older people and the dog. As we spoke I realized that the wife had battled cancer with chemo. The husband has decided not to take chemo - could be that his cancer could be too far progressed for it to do much good - so he got a dog and named her Chemo. This sweet couple are spending what time they have left on HIS terms. The are living life. They got the dog from the Humane Society and she is such a sweet, patient dog. I don't know this couple's names but I pray the are able to spend some great, quality time and that Chemo, the dog, is great therapy and helps the gentleman survive longer than expected.

Last but not least... today was mine and Karl's 22nd anniversary! We went out to dinner at the Olive Garden. mmmmmm....... it was wonderful! We had fun and really enjoyed ourselves. I wanted an anniversary picture to post here and so we had Brandon, our 13yr old, take the following pictures. Again, the lighting wasn't that great but we don't really have a photo studio so we just have to do the best that we can with what little wall space we have.

Still in love after 22 years. Go us!


jenny said...

Hey! Happy Anniversary!

And, I am jealous of the haircut. Jode and I have been going rounds about his hair and my hair. I like his hair longer, and he does not. I like my hair shorter, and he does not. So, we have these "I'll wear my hair long for you, but I don't like it....why won't you let me cut my hair??" conversations going. Ha!

And thanks for the award. I am going to have to give it some thought as to who to award it to....:)

Nancy said...

Hey Jenny, thanks for the well wishes. We have had the conversations about how Karl wears his hair as short as possible yet wants me to wear mine as long as possible. He has also said that he will shave off his mustache if I cut my hair. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised if he shows up with it gone one of these days. Austin is very opinionated about his dad having a mustache... he wants him to keep it. I like it but am pretending that I don't care right now. Maybe he will not do it thinking that he won't get a reaction out of me. hehe...

chelle said...

Wow 22 years! You can so see the love!

Good for you to donate the hair! I cannot seem to stop dying mine long enough to commit to the cause :( Darn greys!

Mary Fran said...

Jess looks great in the pictures. I hope she is feeling better. Love your new do! What will you do with all the extra time in the shower? i:) HEHE. Happy Anniversary. I've got you by a couple of years, Chas and I will be married 24 years in August.

Mama Bear June said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the new dos on both of you. My daughter donated her hair to LOL, too. I'm growing out my hair to do so, too. I've had it short for so long, I'm enjoying the change.

RhythmUnbroken said...

Yay for haircuts! Wow, your hair was LONG!

Nice story about the dog.

Glad you guys are having a good day!

Ruth said...

BOTH you and Jess look wonderful! I didn't realize your hair had gotten so long. The new "do" is cute. I love Jess's too!! And Happy Anniversary!!!

Awesome Mom said...

Lovely hair cut!!! I need to get mine chopped for the summer too.

Congrats on the anniversary.

My dad is a mustache man and once he shaved it off just to mess with us. It took my sisters forever to realize that he had cut it off. Then they begged him to grow it back since he looked so funny with out it. My husband has tried to grow one but he ends up looking like a hood rat since he can barely grow any kind of facial hair.

yerdoingitwrong said...

YOU ALL LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL!! Sounds like a wonderful day to me. And I love love love the haircuts!!

Happy Anniversary, too darlin. 22 years is quite an accomplishment! xo.

yerdoingitwrong said...

And I love that you donated to locks of love. I'm too vain to cut my hair, but if I ever find the guts I'm going to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! :) I love your haircuts - you both are so gorgeous! :) I think it's great that you donated it - that is awesome.

Terri said...


happy anniversary! 22 years... that's awesome...
especially after all you've been thru!

love the new do!
it's so you!!
and jessica's looks great as well!!