Wednesday, April 25, 2007

*Snap* Crackle* Pop*

This is what my computer monitor did today. Well, there wasn't any smoke but it did make some zapping sounds and then the picture went out. After that there were just some clicking sounds as if it was turning itself on and off. It has been threatening to die by making zapping noises and scaring the children for several days now. So Karl decided to bring Justen's monitor out here just for the day until we could decide what to do. Well... that monitor's cord wasn't long enough so we just decided to go shopping for a new one!

So, Jessica heard us talking about buying a new monitor. (She is easily confused and still thinks the monitor is the computer, but oh well) She came to me and said, "Mom, how about I buy the computer for you?" (She is now receiving Social Security and has no clue how to manage the money or what the value of money is at all. Good thing the government made me the payee or all she would buy would be games, toys and coloring books. hehe)

Me: "Oh really? YOU want to buy the computer monitor?"

Jess: "Sure! You can use my money the government gives me." Then she comes over and sits by the computer. Then she says, "Mom, if I buy the computer then can I be on the computer ALL THE TIME?"

I start to giggle and say, "No, but you can have your turns, just like you do now."

Jess: "Ok. I'll give you fourteen dollars of my money for the computer."

I start to laugh, "Fourteen dollars? Is that all? A monitor is probably going to be around $200!"

Jess: "OK! Sixteen dollars and that's MY FINAL OFFER!" She looks at me very seriously and says, "I can't SELL you twenty dollars... that is just TOO MUCH! Besides, I need to have enough money to buy the Pokemon Diamond game!"

By this time I was laughing pretty good. I then remembered when she was much younger (and so was my dad) she asked me how old grandpa is and I responded "He's 50." Jess got all excited and said, "WOW! THAT'S A LOT OF MONEY!" ROFL!!! She is such a cutie. She's my little girl!

She thinks that her $16 bought our new flat-screen monitor. hehe... but hey, we did get a good deal on it... it was $179. Not too bad of a price.


chelle said...

hehehe Jessica is too cute! I am glad she purchased a time share for the new monitor!

jenny said...

That girl of yours is so funny!

It reminded me of the time when I asked Anna how many children she wanted to have. She said, very seriously, "Five children, and two sets of twins, but NO MORE!!!!" She was only about 5, and her seriousness about it was hilarious!

Glad you got that new monitor-the cyberworld would be lonely without you....:)

p.s. I am still thinking about that award, and who to give it to....

Ruth said...

LOL! Too funny. I'm glad you have a new monitor. My computer, not the monitor, at school crashed. I didn't have one thing backed up. My fault, I know, but phooey!! I'd have much prefered the monitor to have died!!

The Special Zipper said...

This was beautiful Nancy ... I love it. If only we all retained such innocence ... have a great weekend and enjoy the new monitor.

Anonymous said...

What a hoot! Great Bargaining power Jess! :) And yay for a cool new monitor. :)

yerdoingitwrong said...

What a cutie pie. You did get a good deal on the monitor!!