Saturday, April 07, 2007

What does your blog say about you?

I was looking at the keyword activity on my statcounter and found a few interesting searches that lead people to my site. Here are a few:

jessica 400lb,
are we having any fun song,
i'm taking carafate,
birthday; prayer for an 80 year old, (???)
icky taste in mouth & diarrhea,
creative memories cutting system ideas,
laying flat for mri brain,
unifocalization, (one of the many surgeries Jessica has had)
coughing up blood staying up late,
scrapbook ideas from creative momories consultants,
and quite a few others.

The main one that caught my attention is:
If You Were a Cannibal, What Would You Wear to Dinner? This is one of the questions that blogger randomly asks when you are setting up your profile. I posted something about this in my post What's With the Random Questions? Anyway, this caught my attention and I wondered who would google such a thing? Maybe they got that question on their blogger profile and decided to google it.... I was very curious so I went to the google page that was used to find my blog and found this shocking article:

If You Were a Cannibal, What Would You Wear to Dinner?

As if it wasn’t bad enough that you might not get that fabulous job because of a handful of un-PC comments on your MySpace, now you can get tossed in the slammer for posting your answer to the above question online.

Kevin Ray Underwood is the kind of 26-year-old guy that wanted more from life. A lonely guy who confessed to planting himself in front of the computer for 14 hours a day “barely moving” from his chair, it wasn’t too hard for police to accuse the Carls Jr. employee of killing a 10-year-old neighborhood girl after they found meat tenderizer in his kitchen and a body in the bathroom.

The catch is, Lecter-isms aside, authorities recently found his online diary, with Underwood confessing that he wanted “to be able to live like a normal person,” yet battling with a darker side: “If people knew the kinds of things I think about anymore, I’d probably be locked away. No probably about it, I know I would be.”

As a major legal player, the blog can help us unearth the unknown about a cannibal's psyche. While this particular case was already in motion before the blog was discovered, it’s both interesting and condemning (as if skewers as evidence weren’t enough) to read a motive like this. While it’s no tell-all, the blog is becoming a triple-edged sword: one side can be an opinionated release, another side can be the evidence that can arrest you, and the final side can let us into the mind of a killer.

I’m sure people disagree whether he’s guilty or not – after all, the trial’s still happening – but we can all agree that his blog was surely in bad taste. By the way – his answer to the question?

"The skin of last night's main course."


RhythmUnbroken said...

Ahahah, gross.
(his answer, I mean)

chelle said...

ewww hehe!